Desperately Seeking Susan

I use the sat Nav I know Hull well. I’ve worked in the city since 1996. I’ve never been to the Humber Social Club on New Bridge Road. I pull up outside. Jo, who played Lisa Minnelli from Cabaret, is  at the door waiting for me. She waves, I grab the camera bag and go in. Sharrelle Rigg, Shazza to her friends, is waiting here she is dressed in 1980’s clothing and drinking tea. Jo asks if I want a cuppa and I say yes, strong with milk, leave the tea bag in, I like it strong.

We talk about the shoots for the Hullywood Icons. Jo and Nancy and Shazza are all good friends they meet up a couple of nights a week to go for a meal or to the pub. Jo and Nancy are already Hullywood Icons.Today it is Shazza’s turn to have her Hullywood moment.

We go into the toilets in the snug. There is a hand dryer, we look at the shot on Jo’s mobile phone and I explain that we can flip it in post production so Shazza is facing the right way just like in the movie still.  I do a couple of test shots and then boom we have it. Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.


We drink our tea, chatting, the phone rings, it’s James Hoggarth from BBC Radio Humberside:

“Are you free to do an interview saturday morning 8:50? Talk about the projections at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s what your shooting Madonna ? Where? What does she think of the Humber Social Club?”

I look across at Shazza she smiles and I reply: “I’ll ask her.” I pause for effect “she says the tea is great and they have spotless loos”.

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