Beauty and the Beast

Hayley Thorpe contacted me about recreating a scene from Beauty and the Beast at the Brynmor Jones Library at Hull University. We made this image on the top floor. Belle has been Hayley’s hero since she was a child. The combination of book reading and singing was irresistible to her younger self. As a mother she dreams of being able to sit down and read all day uninterrupted.


The Terminator

Laura Gale approached me about recreating a scene from The Terminator. we met at Pearson Park on saturday morning and made this image. Sarah Connor is one tough cookie and so the geese knew that we’d be taking no prisoners. Please note no park benches were harmed in the creation of this image.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I met Jason Dodd in the waiting room at the plastic surgery department of The Castle Hill in Cottingham. We were both waiting nervously for surgery on our heads. We started chatting and the subject turned to Made in Hull we laughed a lot, fear will do that to you and eventually things turned to all things Hullywood. Jason had seen the projections and liked them and asked if he could  do one. I said yes sure – so here we have Jason Todd as Dr.Evil shot at Thieving Harry’s late on saturday afternoon.



Duck Soup

Ian Read is Head of Learning and Participation  at Hull City of Culture. He approached me about recreating a scene with one of his favourite characters Groucho Marx in Duck Soup. We meet outside his office and head across the way to a solicitors office where we are given access to  a rather splendid room. We both spot the pile of papers on the table in the corner and make this image.


The Blues Brothers

Hullywood Icon Carol Young and her friend  Karen Grannon contacted me about recreating a moment from The Blues Brothers. You may recall that Jake and Elmore are on a mission from god. I arrive at Zebedees Yard it’s getting dark. Shoot number 12 of a very busy saturday. I’ve just been sat with Dr.Evil in Thieving Harry’s and the Blues Brothers are sitting in a rather underwhelming ford fiesta. Carol is on her mobile I know she is looking for my number I tap on the window and we get cracking with the shoot.
We have a lot of laughs and after a few trial and errors then we make this image. I say my farewells and head for the ceilidh I’m playing at in Skidby with the Hessle Ceilidh Band. No rest for the wicked.

Iron Man

I park on the east side of Millennium Bridge in Hull. It’s a quid for 3 hours and a great location for a shoot. I’m here to meet Mark Storr. An ex-Morrisons Butcher made redundant and now pursuing a career as costumed character and purveyor of children’s entertainments.
He arrives with his wife and two young children and we have a look at the location. He loves it and gets changed. The costume is tricky to put on and Mark’s partner helps him with the finishing touches. We slowly head over from the car to the spot where we are making the image. In a few moments we have created this image.
If you are after an appearance by Iron Man or any of these characters Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Batman, Spider Man Mickey & Minnie, Peppa Pig, Spongebob, Pikachu. or a bouncy castle contact Mark at Party in a Box. He’s a top geezer!

Desperately Seeking Susan

I use the sat Nav I know Hull well. I’ve worked in the city since 1996. I’ve never been to the Humber Social Club on New Bridge Road. I pull up outside. Jo, who played Lisa Minnelli from Cabaret, is  at the door waiting for me. She waves, I grab the camera bag and go in. Sharrelle Rigg, Shazza to her friends, is waiting here she is dressed in 1980’s clothing and drinking tea. Jo asks if I want a cuppa and I say yes, strong with milk, leave the tea bag in, I like it strong.

We talk about the shoots for the Hullywood Icons. Jo and Nancy and Shazza are all good friends they meet up a couple of nights a week to go for a meal or to the pub. Jo and Nancy are already Hullywood Icons.Today it is Shazza’s turn to have her Hullywood moment.

We go into the toilets in the snug. There is a hand dryer, we look at the shot on Jo’s mobile phone and I explain that we can flip it in post production so Shazza is facing the right way just like in the movie still.  I do a couple of test shots and then boom we have it. Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.


We drink our tea, chatting, the phone rings, it’s James Hoggarth from BBC Radio Humberside:

“Are you free to do an interview saturday morning 8:50? Talk about the projections at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s what your shooting Madonna ? Where? What does she think of the Humber Social Club?”

I look across at Shazza she smiles and I reply: “I’ll ask her.” I pause for effect “she says the tea is great and they have spotless loos”.