Kelly’s Heroes

I’m parked up outside the gates of  Fort Paull catching up with myself, the article Hullywood Twitter genius Emma Palmer set up yesterday with inews has been published. It’s lovely and all about the Hullywood Icons.

I’m fielding texts and FB messages from 10 potential Hullywood Icons and trying to help out on an emergency shoot at 4pm in Hull for soon to be Hullywood Icon and Soul Diva Ruth Toynton.

I get out of the car and check the gates, they are locked, I turnaround and a joinery van pulls up Kristian Stephenson gets out and makes a call. ‘They’re coming to open up’ he says. I ask him why Kelly’s Heroes and he says it’s ‘one of his favourite films’, it’s also one of mine.

Gareth one of the maintenance guys from Fort Paull appears and we ask about the American World War two tank. ‘It’s gone, someones nicked it’. This raises a number of questions for me but I’m here to shoot Kristian as Telly Savalas, so I put them aside.

‘Why Telly Savalas?’ I ask,  ‘it’s my hair or lack of it’, he replies. I take my woolly hat off and look him straight in the eye saying  ‘hair is overrated’ we both laugh and find a place to do the shoot.



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