Surgery, Buzz Feed and the I Newspaper

I came out from surgery this morning feeling a little shaky to receive a call from BuzzFeedNews and the I Newspaper and have spent the afternoon sorting out content for these substantial pieces  both publications are big fans of the Hullywood  and the Hullywood Icons.


Here is the link to the Buzz feed feature BuzzFeedNews

If you see me over the next week or two I haven’t been in a fight I have had what they think is a BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma removed from near my eye – the surgeons has done a great job but I look rough.

I will be resting tonight and shooting in Hull and projecting in Beverley at the St.Mary’s tomorrow saturday the 14th. The Icons film for the Minster and St Mary’s has been edited to take into account the sensitivities of the potential audience so please don’t be disappointed if you are not include it’s not you just your props – guns knives etc.

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