Shaun of the Dead

My day starts very early dealing with correspondence, updating the blog and grading images. I head in to the Old Town, Hull. The weather forecast for the day is awful, it’s snowing in North Yorkshire and there is a bitter east wind in Hull.

I’m running late, I get stuck behind a learner driver, I pull over and call John Jackson apologising. I get to the Lion and Key on the Old High Street. John stands across the road taking shelter from the wind with his girlfriend in a doorway. He looks remarkably like Simon Pegg.

He takes his coat off explaining that he has already spoken to the girls in the pub and they are fine about us doing the shoot here. He also mentions that he was stopped by security guards at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre for carrying a cricket bat. He chuckles and we start to set up the shot.

It’s early and cold it takes a few minutes for us both to warm up, me shooting and John getting into character.

I get the shot and rush to pass him back his coat it is bitterly cold and he is only wearing a white short sleeved cotton shirt.


Later on  I meet  Adie the landlord of the St John’s pub and he says ‘we’d love to do Shaun of the Dead in the pub when you’ve got time’. I think to myself I know just the man.

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