Hullywood Icons make the Hull Daily Mail

See the iconic movie moments being recreated in Hullywood

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: October 19, 2016

The Wizard Of Oz, Rocky and Elf are among the Hullywood Icons

Would Rocky be quite the same if he was pounding the steps of Hull instead of Philadelphia? Or would Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday be quite so glamorous if it was set in Queens Gardens?

These and other mind-boggling movie questions are now being answered thanks to the Hullywood Icons project that is taking place in the streets of Hull.

The project, which is the brainchild of photographer Quentin Budworth, is asking people to name their favourite film moments which are then being recreated in a distinctly Hull way.

The resulting photographs will be projected onto the side of Old Town buildings in January as part of the 2017 City Of Culture launch week.

Rocky takes on Queens Gardens

Quentin, who has previously created the successful Changing Face Of Hull exhibition, said he had been overwhelmed by requests from movie fans wanting to recreate their most memorable movie moments.

“It’s been absolutely brilliant fun,” says Quentin, who is still looking for more volunteers to take part.

“So far people have come up with some really good ideas and it’s been really exciting

“The first one we did was The Attack Of The 50ft Woman, which starred Nancy Wilson, who is a former British and European champion body builder.

The Attack Of The 50ft Woman… on Princes Quay.

“We actually took the picture in Nancy’s back garden with a green screen and then used some photo trickery to put Princes Quay and the Maritime Museum in the background. I think the results are brilliant. Nancy said she loved it because they used to call here the Little One – well, they won’t call her little any more.”

Other cinefiles who have taken up the Hullywood challenge are Andy Train, who has posed as Will Ferrell in Elf, Anna Dinsdale who has posed as Audrey Hepburn as Roman Holiday and Sarah Winn who has recreated the iconic Rocky Balboa air punch at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art stone steps – but this time relocated to Queens Gardens.

Rick Gilroy, who has posed in an image from The Third Man – next to a ferris wheel at Hull Fair, said he had enjoyed getting creative for his photoshoot.


Hermione Granger visits Hull

“As a film buff, this Hullywood project was something I really wanted to be part of, I’m also Hull born and bred and if you asked some of my family and friends what film I would recreate they would answer “probably some science fiction film”, so it will be a surprise for them to find out I’m actually going to recreate classic scenes from the Film Noir genre.

“I really like the monochrome look of those films with spies, detectives, criminals and beautiful femme fatales, using silhouettes and shadows to create a certain look.

“Working with Quentin has been very collaborative as he suggested that we use Hull fair as a backdrop to recreate the classic big wheel scene from The Third Man starring Orson Wells and Joseph Cotton.

The Third Man… at Hull Fair“I’m really proud of Hull and I think this is a great way to promote the positive side of the city.”

For their Hullywood moments, Emma Palmer followed the Yellow Brick Road to Hull Old Town’s cobbles, while Steve Batten donned Indiana Jones’ battered fedora to search for the Ark of the Covenant at the Khyber Pass, in Hull’s East Park.


Tricia Boulton took on another heroic persona when she dressed up as Wonder Woman at Hull Fair.


Tricia Boulton at Wonder Woman

Tricia, who became interested in Wonder Woman as a result of her teenage daughter’s love of Cosplay and had decided to join in the fun.

Quentin said: “We got some funny looks walking around the Fair with Tricia dressed as Wonder Woman, but the fair people were really welcoming and the costume opened a lot of doors and got us into a lot of places the public don’t normally get to go.”

* Quentin is still looking for people to join in with Hullywood Icons. You can email your iconic moment ideas to or visit the

Article by Ian Midgley

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