See all the Hullywood Icons here

See all the Hullywood Icons here:

Cinema Paradiso

I met James Berriman at the projection event for Made in Hull he suggested that he would like to recreate a scene from Cinema Paradiso. John Jackson, who played Simon Pegg in the Shaun of the Dead shoot, works at Cineworld on Kingswood kindly offered us the use of the projection gallery there for the shoot. James’s son Ajay plays Salvatore as a boy.

‘I would like to thank Andy Frodsham of Stoke Film Theatre for lending us two 35mm reels. I have fond memories of Stoke Film Theatre – I was a volunteer projectionist there for 12 years. That’s what inspired me to suggest Cinema Paradiso. Interestingly my uncle Mark’s grandad owned the Cecil and a whole string of cinemas in Hull’.

After the initial shoot James spotted a rather splendid projector in the foyer of the cinema in Beverley. he asked me if I would reshoot the scene in the new location. It was worth it.


North by Northwest

I’ve known Richard Vergette since I was a wayward student in the early 80’s gate crashing the Inter Arts course at Bretton Hall whilst studying Art History in Leicester. He is a thoroughly good sport and a gentleman to boot. As head of the students Union at Bretton he organised some of my first paid gigs.
Richard writs plays now and teaches we met at Queens Gardens to make this image.


Beauty and the Beast

Hayley Thorpe contacted me about recreating a scene from Beauty and the Beast at the Brynmor Jones Library at Hull University. We made this image on the top floor. Belle has been Hayley’s hero since she was a child. The combination of book reading and singing was irresistible to her younger self. As a mother she dreams of being able to sit down and read all day uninterrupted.


The Sound of Music

Sam Hawcroft contacted me about recreating a scene from The Sound of Music. We met at Pearson Park me with a step ladder and Sam in her Sound of Music outfit. Sam’s Nan is from Austria and by a weird quirk of fate Sam is editor of H & E magazine (it’s a long story) so we had plenty to talk about on the way up to location. I got up the ladder to get the angle right and Sam channelled her inner Maria and we made this image.