Cinema Paradiso

I met James Berriman at the projection event for Made in Hull he suggested that he would like to recreate a scene from Cinema Paradiso. John Jackson, who played Simon Pegg in the Shaun of the Dead shoot, works at Cineworld on Kingswood kindly offered us the use of the projection gallery there for the shoot. James’s son Ajay plays Salvatore as a boy.

‘I would like to thank Andy Frodsham of Stoke Film Theatre for lending us two 35mm reels. I have fond memories of Stoke Film Theatre – I was a volunteer projectionist there for 12 years. That’s what inspired me to suggest Cinema Paradiso. Interestingly my uncle Mark’s grandad owned the Cecil and a whole string of cinemas in Hull’.

After the initial shoot James spotted a rather splendid projector in the foyer of the cinema in Beverley. he asked me if I would reshoot the scene in the new location. It was worth it.


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