Forest Gump


It’s before 9am early on saturday morning we’re at the Hull park run in East Hull the largest park run in the country. It’s just getting light. I’m in here to meet The Martindale family who have arranged to do a Forest Gump shoot with me.

Paul Martindale is in costume, he’s very tall and has a newly acquired Caveman wig and beard from Amazon. Sarah Martindale is wrangling Paul’s beard and putting the final touches to his Forest Gump character.

I shout to the group of runners warming up – ‘who wants to be in the picture’. Everyone gets in position, there are some hi vis jackets, we get them to the back of the group.

Some final adjustments to Paul’s caveman wig which has a life of it’s own and is having a diva moment, I get the final thumbs up from a relieved Sarah, shout to the runners to get ready and take this picture.



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