When the following message arrived in my inbox from Kerry Davies on facebook I just had to make the dream a reality:

Hi, Quentin. I’m really enjoying following your Hullywood Icons photos. If possible, I’d like to try & pose for one of your Hullywood Icons. I’d like to be the gunslinger played by Yul Brynner in the original film version of Westworld. Westworld is also big on TV at the moment. It’s interesting because the Yul Brynner character in the Westworld film uses the same look that he had in The Magnificent Seven (another classic Western) – a twist from good cowboy to bad robot! I’ve attached a photo of the pose I’d like to do. I’ve got the black outfit and I think, if we could use it, Wm Hawkes Pub, Scale Lane, Hull, would be a brilliant location. The Westworld film tag is “Have we got a vacation for you!” – this ties in nicely with visitors coming on vacation to Hull City of Culture 2017.


We made the image at one of the Hull old town’s hidden gems The WM Hawkes Pub on Scale Lane is a really atmospheric old pub with great taxidermy in the back room well worth checking out! The pubis named after William Hawkes, the gun maker, who worked on the site of the pub in 1810.

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