I arrive at the Raine Club in east Hull. Anna Dinsdale is waving me in. Documentary film maker Les Drake is capturing my arrival. Anna who played Audrey Hepburn in Hullywoods Roman Holiday ushers me into the club. There are  22 men and women of a certain and delightful age dressed up in their finest mod gear. The atmosphere is amazing, it’s a bright sunny morning in January but it feels like a bank holiday weekend in Brighton. Spirits are high and we know we are going to have fun.

I grab a quick cuppa and Anna starts to organise the guys and girls outside the pub, there is a lot of laughter and banter and we make these images.




Tony Mainprize, Paul Dinsdale, Rich Brumby, Chris Murphy, Jaime Eton, Karl Knott, Ian Rimmington, Gary Cook, Paul Garmston, Anna Dinsdale, Michelle Donno Melton, Tony Clark, Reverend Andy Simpson, Thomas William Pawson,  Martin Gibbs, Jack Rimmington, Pete Jones, Brian Stubbs, Susan Sewell, Frank Melton, Jez Cooper, Pete Brown

One of the actors in Quadrophenia was from Hull his name  
Garry Cooper.

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