Child’s Play – Chucky

When Louise Harman said she wanted to be Chucky I thought long and hard about  an iconic Hull location. Where would Chucky live in Hullywood? A tricky question but after a few pints it came to me, of course Dinsdales Famous Joke ,Trick & Fancydress Shop in the Hepworth Arcade. The natural home of mischief, tricks, magic and on this occasion killer dolls with attitude.

We tried a few shots but they just didn’t look right. So I suggested that Louise should take her shoes off and kneel on them … like a sinister Toulouse Lautrec. Angela Dinsdale-Jackson who is a member of Hull’s legendary Dinsdale family watched with great amusement at our epic fails.

I then got Louise to channel her inner Chucky, which was quite difficult as  fits of giggles had made earlier attempts to be Chucky less than convincing. We nailed this shot just as the local Police Lady strolled up to watch the fun. I said it’s not a real knife and she looked at me, smiled and said that’s alright I’m not a real policewoman.


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