Call Out for Participants for Hullywood Shoots on 19th & 21st January


This weeks Hullywood photo shoot days are as follows:

Thursday 19th January 8am – 5pm
Saturday 21st January: 8am – 5pm

Shoots take about 20 minutes.

Here are the guidelines:

To book a shoot

  1. I will need the name of your film, your character, film moment and iconic Hull location
  2. You will need to get permission from the location and make any necessary arrangements if required. Book in a time with them as soon as you have a confirmed shoot with me.
  3. You will supply all costumes and props for the shoot. If you are struggling with this put a call out on facebook or try ebay or amazon.
  4. Email me or Facebook PM me when you have done this with a proposed time on one of these days and your telephone number.
  5. I will confirm time and place of shoot and see you there on the dayThat’s it. Come out to play and have fun. If I am shooting you late in the day bring cake as I often do not get time to eat on shoot days.

    Email address

2 thoughts on “Call Out for Participants for Hullywood Shoots on 19th & 21st January

  1. Groucho Marx
    Duck Soup
    At the guildhall

    Preferably on Thursday lunchtime, or 3pm

    Ian read. Head of Learning Hull2017


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