The Star is the car meet Priscilla


Meet Priscilla and her owner the remarkable Chris Broadwell, a wizard with light engineering and live sound.
Priscilla is a   customised 1963 series2 long wheelbase 109 Safari Station Wagon built by Landrover. If my maths are right that’s 55years old. Priscilla does not pay any Road Tax as she is exempt due to her age. In Priscilla’s career she has taken the groom to be and 20 of his best friends to assorted public houses in Hull, appeared at a millenium rave and now is one of the stars of the Hullywood Icons team.
Priscilla almost came to an untimely end when the modifications for the Hullywood sound and light projection systems set fire to her dashboard (it’s a welding thing) on Christmas eve but she now has a new wiring loom and is rocking and rolling with the good people of Hull.

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