Day 3 of Projections Silver Street

The crowds were amazing, we had a fantastic and enthusiastic response. We couldn’t access the first floor offices to draw the curtains so we had some gaps in the projection surfaces but we’re hoping we can remedy this tomorrow. We want it to be brilliant and will relocate if we can’t draw the curtains. This is after all is Hullywood and stars must shine!

Zebedee Budworth’s musical ‘Score of Scores’ had people dancing in the street not a small thing on New Years Day and opening night… Pete Massey Director, Yorkshire & The Humber at the Arts Council  mentioned the music as being fantastic.

At on New years Day I released the Hullywood Icons film into the Twittersphere and Facebook realms with a digital release.

At 4:21 The Hull Daily Mail shared it on their website. You can read the article and see the film here . Please note the article incorrectly states that there are 40 Hullywood icons there are in fact over 120.

At 11:42 the Hullywood film release tweet was retweeted and the Hullywood Icons film was shared by Darren Henley Chief Executive of the Arts Council Arts Council leaving me feeling deeply honoured and supported. Delighted he is a Hullywood Icons fan.

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