Run Fatboy Run

Lucas Meagor is about to run his fiftieth marathon. He got in touch with me to recreate a scene from Run Fatboy Run the subtext of the image is hilarious given the idea of hitting the wall in the marathon event.



I was approached to do a shoot from Grease by Claire Champlin. One of the ladies for the shoot had driven up from Cambridge and had suffered a breakdown en route so here we have the ladies from Grease minus the car abandoned by the side of the road in Cambridge. In the picture Anne Chatterton(Frenchie) Dianne Rees (Sandy) Zoe Allison (Rizzo) Claire Champlin (Jan), Beccy O’Sullivan (Marty).
Photograph Quentin Budworth © for merchandise click here


It’s shoot number 9 of 12 on the last day of projections of Made in Hull. I’m at Hull Marina the light has gone and I’m due to meet Jenny Purdue (AKA Jen from Jen’s Pick-me-up) director of Positive Hull CIC and Kelly Shakesby a Psychology teacher at Driffield school.I make a call. We meet and head over to a sailing yacht we try a few things Jack and Rose in the flying scene from Titanic I’m tired and I’m lying on the harbour deck trying to make the magic happen. I’m exhausted eventually I get the shot and I’m away to meet Cat Woman and Darth Maul. Thinking as I walk I must get a plate shot of The iconic  Spurn Light Ship. At the end of January I finally have time to make this image of Jack and Rose flying Hullywood style.

The Nightmare before Christmas

I’ve just finished shooting Morticia Addams at Ye Olde Whyte Harte and meet up with Michael Goosen and Anna Preston  to recreate a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Micheal and Anna are top sports and really quite eccentric. They made me chuckle when they pitched up in full make-up in a bright red Jeep. Here is the image we put together quietly and respectfully. Next I had an appointment with Captain America at the Lord Line Building.It’s a 12 shoot day and I’m only halfway through I could murder a cuppa…


Legally Blonde

I met Rachel Davenport on a bitterly cold but bright day outside Hull College. She was not alone her mum Elizabeth Davenport came along and also a lovely little chihuahua a rescue dog called Trevor. The front of Hull College is a windy spot. Rachel braved hyperthermia. We made this image

The Stepford Wives

I look at myself in the mirror god I look rough, the surgery from yesterday’s op has bruised and swollen, I look like Robert Di Nero in Raging Bull or Rocky Balboa on a bad day. I’ve been doing paperwork and admin since 3am, it’s now 6am and I have an appointment to meet The Stepford Wives at Tesco’s Super Market in the St. Stephens Shopping Centre in Hull. I pack my car with the gear I need for the day, a step ladder, PA gear my laptop, bits and pieces for tonights projections at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church my car always untidy resembles a skip.
I arrive at St Stephens and i’m greeted by a cheery Nick Carolan, I clock the name and ask, hey Nick your not related to Turlogh are you. He smiles and says how did you know. I am a direct descendent of turlogh O’Carolan the family dropped the ‘O’ years ago. I smile Turlogh O’Carolan is my favourite composer from the Irish Tradition an 18th century blind Harper the stuff of legends and exquisite musical beauty.
I grab a coffee. I’m a little early and at 8am I go down stairs to meet Jo and her friends who are recreating a still from the  movie they look amazing strangely out of place in their 1970’s dresses and summer hats, it’s the middle of January in Hull, the year is 2017. A few early shoppers stare, Nick takes me on a recce of the aisles we choose a suitable one, full of shiny plastic bottles, the Wives have filled their shopping ful of consumer branded items. We go to the aisle a strange procession; step ladder, 70’s glamour, shopping trolleys and smiling shop manager . I climb my stepladder and we make this picture.


The Stepford wives are: Jo Cole; Kay Gamble, Carol Johnson, Sarah Jenkins, Rachel Iveson, Melissa Brolls and Jo Franklin. They are thoroughly modern Hull women from Hull who love irony and have a great sense of humour.

Stepford Wives I salute your creativity, humour and Irony. Nick Carolan Tesco’s Manager at St.Stephens I thank you for letting us cause chaos on the soft drinks aisle early on saturday morning in Hullywood.


Dr No – James Bond

When Emma Palmer who runs the Hullywood Icons twitter account contacted Peter Levy with a tongue in cheek challenge to see which icon he would like to be she didn’t expect him to reply and for the shoot to take place the day after. Things move very fast in the magical world of Hullywood. Peter decided on Sean Connery from Dr No and the Hull Marina as a location. A toy gun was quickly acquired and Peter bought himself a new dinner jacket and we were ready to roll. John Box was kind enough to bring his convertable down for the shoot as Peter’s real car is a rather unassuming Ford.

At 10-30am on a glorious january morning we made these images of Peter as Sean Connery. The whole thing was filmed by Simon a broadcast journalist working on City of Culture for the BBC and then I had to dash back to my home to develop the image in time for Look Norths evening broadcast.


Here’s the long shot: