The Stepford Wives

I look at myself in the mirror god I look rough, the surgery from yesterday’s op has bruised and swollen, I look like Robert Di Nero in Raging Bull or Rocky Balboa on a bad day. I’ve been doing paperwork and admin since 3am, it’s now 6am and I have an appointment to meet The Stepford Wives at Tesco’s Super Market in the St. Stephens Shopping Centre in Hull. I pack my car with the gear I need for the day, a step ladder, PA gear my laptop, bits and pieces for tonights projections at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church my car always untidy resembles a skip.
I arrive at St Stephens and i’m greeted by a cheery Nick Carolan, I clock the name and ask, hey Nick your not related to Turlogh are you. He smiles and says how did you know. I am a direct descendent of turlogh O’Carolan the family dropped the ‘O’ years ago. I smile Turlogh O’Carolan is my favourite composer from the Irish Tradition an 18th century blind Harper the stuff of legends and exquisite musical beauty.
I grab a coffee. I’m a little early and at 8am I go down stairs to meet Jo and her friends who are recreating a still from the  movie they look amazing strangely out of place in their 1970’s dresses and summer hats, it’s the middle of January in Hull, the year is 2017. A few early shoppers stare, Nick takes me on a recce of the aisles we choose a suitable one, full of shiny plastic bottles, the Wives have filled their shopping ful of consumer branded items. We go to the aisle a strange procession; step ladder, 70’s glamour, shopping trolleys and smiling shop manager . I climb my stepladder and we make this picture.


The Stepford wives are: Jo Cole; Kay Gamble, Carol Johnson, Sarah Jenkins, Rachel Iveson, Melissa Brolls and Jo Franklin. They are thoroughly modern Hull women from Hull who love irony and have a great sense of humour.

Stepford Wives I salute your creativity, humour and Irony. Nick Carolan Tesco’s Manager at St.Stephens I thank you for letting us cause chaos on the soft drinks aisle early on saturday morning in Hullywood.


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