It’s shoot number 9 of 12 on the last day of projections of Made in Hull. I’m at Hull Marina the light has gone and I’m due to meet Jenny Purdue (AKA Jen from Jen’s Pick-me-up) director of Positive Hull CIC and Kelly Shakesby a Psychology teacher at Driffield school.I make a call. We meet and head over to a sailing yacht we try a few things Jack and Rose in the flying scene from Titanic I’m tired and I’m lying on the harbour deck trying to make the magic happen. I’m exhausted eventually I get the shot and I’m away to meet Cat Woman and Darth Maul. Thinking as I walk I must get a plate shot of The iconic  Spurn Light Ship. At the end of January I finally have time to make this image of Jack and Rose flying Hullywood style.

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