Weird Science

I’m at Hull University Chemistry department Professor Mark Lorch and Phil Bell-Young are very excited! They have been shopping for props. Phil chuckles as he stuffs a very old fashioned Boyes bra with socks and then sticks it on his head. We’d been talking on twitter Mark had spotted Priscilla when we were projecting in Beverley, said hello and explained his idea for a Hullywood shoot at Hull University’s Chemistry Lab.

Mark is preparing the scene we are shooting in a very logical and systematic manner. It’s all going swimmingly until some students wander into the lab and clock their Professors with bras on their heads – mark waves them out saying ‘we’ll explain later,now go away’.

The scene is from Weird Science, the 80s teen Sci-Fi flick about a pair of Nerdy social outcasts who are publically humiliated in school which persuades them to make their own ‘dream women’ in an attempt to boost their popularity.

Mark Lorch – Research Chemist,  Professor of Science Communication and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. @mark_lorch on twitter. (He is a serious scientist, honest!) Phil Bell-Young – Science Outreach Officer, Faculty of Science and Engineering. @Philby91 on twitter (He is a seriously weird scientist).

They are both mad as a box of frogs with as much energy as small child on Skittles. As they say in some parts of Yorkshire ‘Well met!’.

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