Thelma and Louise

It’s the day after the projections in Bridlington Priory and on the Spa. I get into my car now affectionately known as ‘Skip’ for obvious reasons. I have twelve Hullywood shoots booked in today and I’m looking forwards to all of them.

It’s dark as I drive towards  Fraisthorpe beach to meet Tracey and Ella Dent-Brown.

I park up and recce the beach car park. I find a spot and admire the view glad that I squeezed the step ladder into the car along with a PA, for tonights Ceilidh with the Hessle Ceilidh Band, a guitar, a hurdy gurdy, border bagpipes, djembe, a green screen and assorted remnants of meals grabbed between shoots.

The light is liminal we are between night and day in the distance a car approaches. It must be Tracey and Ella. I wave to them and they pull up into the position I need the car to be in. We fine tune the position of the car close to the cliff edge. Tracey and Ella are on fine form and there is a lot of banter as we set up the shot. We try a few different angles and then we make this image.

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