It’s lunchtime on a very busy saturday photographing the Hullywood Icons. It’s my last shoot of the day. Later I have to hang a projection screen in St Mary’s Church and set up our indoor cinema screen with Lampie Tim and Sound man Chris Broadwell. I park up easily in the Minster car park. I phone Ellie Newton-Syms. She and her partner Mark who appears in Back to the Future are in the Minster. We meet and talk all things Hullywood on the way to the distinctive white telephone box.

The images have gone around the world on BuzzFeedNews. Mark was instrumental in the unprecedented 4 page spread in the Hull Daily Mail working in the paper and pitching the idea to his team. We arrive at the phonebox. It’s bright but bitterly cold Ellie takes her coat off. It’s a tricky shot we need the minster in it but the angles are wrong. We play with a few ideas and make this image.

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