Jon Campling is a really nice man you may know him as The train stopping Deatheater in the Harry Potter blockbuster Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and King Regis in Final Fantasy XV oh and the guy from those Specsaver ads.

I first met Jon at the premiere of The Hullywood Icons at the St John’s Hotel way back at the end of December. Sean McAllister had tried to get us together for a Hullywood shoot earlier that day. Preparations of the film for it’s premier that night had got in the way of us meeting.

Jon said he would be back in a few days time to see Made in Hull so we rescheduled. I was quite surprised when Jon said he would like to be Carol Ann from Poltergeist.I put a call out for a suitable location and Robert Jamieson featured in Trains, Planes and Automobiles, offered his flat and sourced the necessary rug. We just needed to find a special tv. Another call out on Facebook and Catherine Goble star of The Matrix, produced the hernia inducing 1980’s TV we were all set to go.

Arriving at Richard’s flat we set up quickly. Les Drake was there to video and everyone pitched in with arranging the room to resemble the scene.

Jon describes his Hull roots here:

‘I was born in Hull 1966 Eastfield Junior, Kingston High school, then an apprentice at Brough Bae. I also dj’d in Hull at the Newland Park Hotel amongs others. Though I was  always a keen actor. I decided to go to drama school after joining Hull Truck Youth Theatre run by the Brilliant Actors from Remold Theatre Company.

Then many years later… I stopped the Hogwarts Express in Deathly Hallows  1.

When I asked Jon why Carol Ann he looked at me smiled and said

“I’ve always loved the film and that ‘they’re here’ TV static scene is a classic horror film moment, and I thought it would be reasonably easy to recreate at short notice and… I knew I had the hair for it. Oh and Sound of music had gone!”


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