Hullywood icon in Hull Daily mail feature

Hullywood icons captures Tom Hanks Castaway on The Humber

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: November 04, 2016

Tom Hanks in Castaway – on the Humber!

If you think Tom Hanks had it hard in Castaway, then imagine how tricky it was for Jim Wardlaw recreating the marooned movie on Hessle Foreshore.

Jim is one of the latest hardy Hull residents to recreate their favourite movie moments for the Hullywood Icons projects which saw him taking to the foreshore, under the shadow of the Humber Bridge, armed with nothing but a loincloth and a basketball called Wilson for company.

Photographer Quentin Budworth, the creator of the project, said the “biting North Sea winds” hadn’t made the photoshoot easy. He said: “Poor old Jim, it was absolutely freezing on the day when we did the shoot. I got there early to do a bit of a recce and it was perishing with that icy Norwegian wind blowing in off the estuary.

“But Jim was brilliant. He said he had done the Sea of Hull and that was being naked for four hours. So he said four minutes being naked for the Castaway picture didn’t bother him. He spent ages getting ready in the car before we took the picture so I went to see what he was doing and he was busy getting his Wilson ready. He was making his own props.”

Wilson gets a talking to on the Humber 

Quentin has now captured 19 iconic movie moments, including shooting scenes from Kill Bill, Judge Dredd, Lara Croft and Caroline Ullyart as Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

“Caroline perfectly captured Norman Desmond,” said Quentin. “We did the photoshoot in the Guildhall and she completely nailed the crazy eyes and everything.”

The finished results of Hullywood Icons will be projected onto the sides of buildings across Hull Old Town during the opening week of 2017, as a side attraction of Sean McAllister’s giant Made In Hull City Of Culture launch installation.

Quentin says he is still on the lookout for other participants to have a go at living their silver screen dreams. He will be visiting more city locations this week to take pictures inspired by films such as Star Wars and When Harry Met Sally.


Tom Hanks and original Wilson from the hit movie Castaway
He is also appealing for people across Hull and its suburbs who would like the images to be projected on the side of their buildings in January 2017 to get in touch.

“As long as they have a wall in a public space that the public will be able to see I want to hear from them,” he said. “I want to bring my mobile projector along and take these images out t as many people as possible.”

* Quentin is still looking for people to join in with Hullywood Icons and for spaces to project the finished images. Contact or visit the



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