Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I met Jason Dodd in the waiting room at the plastic surgery department of The Castle Hill in Cottingham. We were both waiting nervously for surgery on our heads. We started chatting and the subject turned to Made in Hull we laughed a lot, fear will do that to you and eventually things turned to all things Hullywood. Jason had seen the projections and liked them and asked if he could  do one. I said yes sure – so here we have Jason Todd as Dr.Evil shot at Thieving Harry’s late on saturday afternoon.



The 300

It’s first thing saturday morning, I’ve already photographed Thelma and Louise on Fraisthorpe Beach and I’m stood next to Beverley Gate in Hull town center. I’m waiting for John Gilbert and Iain Thompson suddenly they both appear I know it’s them because John is wearing a Gladiator costume it’s freezing but he’s in high spirits. Some of the city centre building contractors crack jokes about it being a great party last night.
We scrub the original plan of making the image at Beverley Gate and head over to the Quayside near Prince’s Quay where we make this image celebrating one of John and Iain’s favourite films The 300.


I was approached to do a shoot from Grease by Claire Champlin. One of the ladies for the shoot had driven up from Cambridge and had suffered a breakdown en route so here we have the ladies from Grease minus the car abandoned by the side of the road in Cambridge. In the picture Anne Chatterton(Frenchie) Dianne Rees (Sandy) Zoe Allison (Rizzo) Claire Champlin (Jan), Beccy O’Sullivan (Marty).
Photograph Quentin Budworth © for merchandise click here

Reservoir Dogs

It’s just after lunchtime on a windy thursday afternoon and I’m here to meet Lee Walton and his friends for a rather special shoot at the Lord Line Building. Getting everyone together in the same place at the same time has been a major logistical challenge they are all very busy people. I’m working with what is affectionately known as ‘The Chain Gang’ the Mayors of Hull and the East Riding and we’re all excited to be doing this shoot.

We gather in St. Andrew Car Park. We must have looked a sight something like the Mafia on a works outing. Black suits, sun glasses civic vehicles and bad attitude. There are a lot of laughs as we walk up to  the Lord Line Building. I tell the Reservoir Dogs to take care for trip hazards and sharps. We get into position and we block out the shot, the Mayors get into character and start stepping towards me in a menacing manner and we make this image. The Mayors of Hull and East Riding as you have never seen them before.
Names and roles, left to right are as follows: Cllr Rob Begnett, Mayor of Beverley; Cllr Sean Chaytor, Lord Mayor of Hull; Cllr Liam Dealtry, Mayor of Bridlington; Thomas Martin, High Sheriff of the East Riding; Cllr Mark Blakeston, Mayor of Driffield; Cllr Lee Walton, Mayor of Hornsea.


It’s shoot number 9 of 12 on the last day of projections of Made in Hull. I’m at Hull Marina the light has gone and I’m due to meet Jenny Purdue (AKA Jen from Jen’s Pick-me-up) director of Positive Hull CIC and Kelly Shakesby a Psychology teacher at Driffield school.I make a call. We meet and head over to a sailing yacht we try a few things Jack and Rose in the flying scene from Titanic I’m tired and I’m lying on the harbour deck trying to make the magic happen. I’m exhausted eventually I get the shot and I’m away to meet Cat Woman and Darth Maul. Thinking as I walk I must get a plate shot of The iconic  Spurn Light Ship. At the end of January I finally have time to make this image of Jack and Rose flying Hullywood style.

The Nightmare before Christmas

I’ve just finished shooting Morticia Addams at Ye Olde Whyte Harte and meet up with Michael Goosen and Anna Preston  to recreate a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Micheal and Anna are top sports and really quite eccentric. They made me chuckle when they pitched up in full make-up in a bright red Jeep. Here is the image we put together quietly and respectfully. Next I had an appointment with Captain America at the Lord Line Building.It’s a 12 shoot day and I’m only halfway through I could murder a cuppa…


Master and Commander

I’ve known Kevin Reynolds for many years he’s a good friend. I played at his wedding with my band Celtarabia and we both share a love of motorbikes and fine ale. Kevin is an engineer he designs breweries and canning machines for Micro Brewers and Purveyors of Craft Ales you can read about his brewing related activities here.

When Kevin got in touch about recreating a scene from Master and Commander I knew I just had to revisit HMS Pickle on Hull Marina so I gave her owner my good friend Mal a ring and arranged a time for us to do the shoot. I know you are wondering and yes you can go out sailing on the Pickle and visit and explore it on the Hull Marina. Mal rescued the Pickle from decay in Gibraltar and restored her in Portugal it took him over two years.

Kevin brought his son Alex along and we made this image. Father and son – Master and Commander.


The Blues Brothers

Hullywood Icon Carol Young and her friend  Karen Grannon contacted me about recreating a moment from The Blues Brothers. You may recall that Jake and Elmore are on a mission from god. I arrive at Zebedees Yard it’s getting dark. Shoot number 12 of a very busy saturday. I’ve just been sat with Dr.Evil in Thieving Harry’s and the Blues Brothers are sitting in a rather underwhelming ford fiesta. Carol is on her mobile I know she is looking for my number I tap on the window and we get cracking with the shoot.
We have a lot of laughs and after a few trial and errors then we make this image. I say my farewells and head for the ceilidh I’m playing at in Skidby with the Hessle Ceilidh Band. No rest for the wicked.