Captain America: The First Avenger

I get to the location. Mr Choos is being restored, the road ahead is deserted except for a lone dog walker, my phone rings. I’m behind you Moff says in a heavy Glaswegian accent, he flashes his headlights and I park next to him at St.Andrew’s Quay. He grabs his costume followed by his young daughter. We walk up to the old Lord Line building in Hull, this is shoot number 5 of a 12 shoot saturday.

Moff McEwan is a big friendly Scott who you wouldn’t mess with which is great news as there are a number of very dodgy individuals hanging around, Moff says don’t worry I’ve clocked them, I don’t, he’s  Hull’s Captain America.  Appearing at many charity events, you have to give something back to the community he says, I agree.

Lyla his daughter  hates shopping and helps him on with his costume, the zip up jacket is stiff, she fumbles but zips him in.

I take this picture.


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