Some Like it Hot

It’s 4-30pm on the last day of the Made in Hull Event in Hull the launch for Hull 2017 – UK City of Culture , I’m running late something to do with a mix up over cemeteries with Jack the Pumpkin King,  and slow moving traffic this is Hullywood and life is frantic. I’m meeting Marty Hogg and her friend Jenny Lazenby who are recreating a scene from one of my favourite films ‘Some Like it Hot’ . They are women playing men playing women. I arrive on the station platform looking around franticly. Where are they? I’ve got to shoot Titanic next then Darth Maul and then Catwoman. It’s a 12 shoot day and I’m tired. I spot Marty sitting on hers case we head up to the far platform the light has gone and the battery in the flash (which I hate using is dead).

We make the photo interrupted by the station manager (god love her) who says Mr Budworth I know what your doing, I love your work I’m a big fan but you need to ask permission’ I smile explaining that I’m sorry and rushing and will ask for permission next time. She says no flash photography – I’m with her on that- she smiles and says carry on. We hug, I kiss her on the cheek and we get the shot.


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