Star Wars 1977


Here’s Rick Gilroy talking about the shoot for Star Wars 1977 which we shot at The Hull University Library with his friend and Snow Trooper Paul Rogers

I got in touch with Quentin to see if I could recreate some scenes from Star Wars, I had seen some of his earlier pictures of Jean Todd as Princess Leia and thought we could hopefully complement those photographs, I have always loved the science fiction genre and this would be a great opportunity to be photographed in what I consider to be an iconic costume from the film, a Storm trooper.

The film is very nostalgic for me as I remember going to see it at the Dorchester cinema down George Street in 1977 with my Dad and watching the film today takes me back to that time.

I choose the Brynmor Jones library at Hull University as a location as I felt it had a very futuristic look and the architecture of the building both internally and externally would provide an excellent backdrop to match certain scenes from the film. I also have to give credit to my mate Paul Rogers another super fan for joining me in the photo-shoot as a Snow trooper.

The timing of this project is perfect as the new Star Wars film comes out this week called Rouge One and is actually a prequel to the original 1977 film featuring again the white Storm troopers. The film follows the story of how the rebels acquired the plans for the Death Star which are then passed on to Princess Leia.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Quentin, Liz Heaney from Hull University and Les Drake, film maker for their help and assistance.

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