Star Wars

David Bush got in touch with me about recreating a scene from a film, he wasn’t sure which film so we had a video call and I said well you look  a lot like Alec Guiness  so we settled on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dave who is a costume designer and all round useful geezer ran his own costume up. Please note only two Matalan dressing gowns were harmed in the creation of this stunning costume. We did the shoot at the back of macro on St. Andrews Quay next to the Humber.


The Labyrinth take 2

Joanne Popplewell works at the  research department at Hull University and she has a secret lifelong obsession. Since she was a young child she has been fascinated by the film The Labyrinth and the character of Sarah. Her family watch the film pretty much every week and are still in mourning after David Bowie’s  death last year. You may recall Lex Stephenson recreated the Goblin King in our earlier Labyrinth shoot which you can see here.

When Joanne got in touch with me to recreate an image from the Labyrinth I really couldn’t say no. In the shadow of the Hull’s latest installation the Blade we set about recreating the scene. We had some helpful tips from the local drunks who seem to like Queen Victoria’s stern faced companionship. Sarah got in position at the base of the Queen Victoria statue and we created this shot, she told me that recreating the scene  was a personal dream come true after almost thirty years. We shared a Danish and parted company leaving some rather confused drunks and a stern faced Victoria.


See Peter Levy’s Hullywood ‘James Bond’ shoot broadcast on BBC Look North 05-01-2017

When Emma Palmer who handles the Hullywood Icons twitter account cheekily tweeted Peter Levy with a challeng to creat his Hullywood Icon nobody could have predicted what happened next. See a Hullywood Icon in the making in this wonderful clip from BBC Look North. May thanks to Peter, Simon Annali, Martha and the BBC team in Hull for making this piece. As a direct result of this broadcast the website received 10000 hits yesterday.

Hullywood Goes to Hollywood

losangelesheraldHull residents recreate Hollywood film scenes to celebrate becoming city of cultureLos Angeles Herald

Hull residents recreate Hollywood film scenes to celebrate becoming city of culture

hull residents recreate hollywood film scenes to celebrate becoming city of culturePhotographer Quentin Budworth recreated iconic scenes from some of the people of Hull and East Yorkshire’s favourite films to mark the city’s status as 2017 City of Culture in the Hullywood icons project.

The Hullywood Icons

I realise that many people who have followed the Hullywood Icons project over the internet will not be able to get to Hull, Beverley or Bridlington to see the projected images. The project is all about the images and the wit and imagination of the participants and not the manner of viewing them and for this reason I present for your amusement The Hullywood Icons online film.

Projections at Archbishop Sentamu Academy December 30th 2016

Here are some photos from the projections at Archbishop Sentamu Academy on Preston Road in East Hull. We had about 100 visitors during the course of the evening quote of the night ‘This is our first City of Culture Event what a great start’. We used a wide angle projection lens to get the coverage on the building. To say it was cold would be an understatement.

It was really great to see Chris Sharp and his family who appeared out of the mist and stayed for ages watching the film you may recall Chris did the original Ghostbusters shoot a while back.