Run Fatboy Run

Lucas Meagor is about to run his fiftieth marathon. He got in touch with me to recreate a scene from Run Fatboy Run the subtext of the image is hilarious given the idea of hitting the wall in the marathon event.


The Terminator

Laura Gale approached me about recreating a scene from The Terminator. we met at Pearson Park on saturday morning and made this image. Sarah Connor is one tough cookie and so the geese knew that we’d be taking no prisoners. Please note no park benches were harmed in the creation of this image.


Lady Sings the Blues

Ruth Toynton posted on facebook that she had been let down and needed a photographer. I was in town and offered to help out. Ruth is a singer and that is how we met. After a bit of gentle arm twisting Ruth agreed to do a Lady Sings the Blues shoot here’s the image. Interestingly when Ruth sings she makes beautiful photographs as well as music.

Star Wars

David Bush got in touch with me about recreating a scene from a film, he wasn’t sure which film so we had a video call and I said well you look  a lot like Alec Guiness  so we settled on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dave who is a costume designer and all round useful geezer ran his own costume up. Please note only two Matalan dressing gowns were harmed in the creation of this stunning costume. We did the shoot at the back of macro on St. Andrews Quay next to the Humber.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I met Jason Dodd in the waiting room at the plastic surgery department of The Castle Hill in Cottingham. We were both waiting nervously for surgery on our heads. We started chatting and the subject turned to Made in Hull we laughed a lot, fear will do that to you and eventually things turned to all things Hullywood. Jason had seen the projections and liked them and asked if he could  do one. I said yes sure – so here we have Jason Todd as Dr.Evil shot at Thieving Harry’s late on saturday afternoon.



Master and Commander

I’ve known Kevin Reynolds for many years he’s a good friend. I played at his wedding with my band Celtarabia and we both share a love of motorbikes and fine ale. Kevin is an engineer he designs breweries and canning machines for Micro Brewers and Purveyors of Craft Ales you can read about his brewing related activities here.

When Kevin got in touch about recreating a scene from Master and Commander I knew I just had to revisit HMS Pickle on Hull Marina so I gave her owner my good friend Mal a ring and arranged a time for us to do the shoot. I know you are wondering and yes you can go out sailing on the Pickle and visit and explore it on the Hull Marina. Mal rescued the Pickle from decay in Gibraltar and restored her in Portugal it took him over two years.

Kevin brought his son Alex along and we made this image. Father and son – Master and Commander.



It’s lunchtime on a very busy saturday photographing the Hullywood Icons. It’s my last shoot of the day. Later I have to hang a projection screen in St Mary’s Church and set up our indoor cinema screen with Lampie Tim and Sound man Chris Broadwell. I park up easily in the Minster car park. I phone Ellie Newton-Syms. She and her partner Mark who appears in Back to the Future are in the Minster. We meet and talk all things Hullywood on the way to the distinctive white telephone box.

The images have gone around the world on BuzzFeedNews. Mark was instrumental in the unprecedented 4 page spread in the Hull Daily Mail working in the paper and pitching the idea to his team. We arrive at the phonebox. It’s bright but bitterly cold Ellie takes her coat off. It’s a tricky shot we need the minster in it but the angles are wrong. We play with a few ideas and make this image.


Kofi Smiles is a busy guy he’s presenting for the BBC as the face of Hull 2017 and plays with Hull band Bud Sugar. We’ve been exchanging texts FB messages and grabbing quick conversations in and around Hull City of Culture we finally got together to make this image early on saturday morning on a back street in uptown Hull near Queen Victoria Square. Kofi got tooled up with his Shaft props bought from the pound shop. A turtle neck jumper borrowed from his dad. A coat from the charity and a fake moustache origin unknown. Kofi busted some Shaft moves with great style. I have to choose which one I like the best. Here it is. I knew it the moment I pressed the shutter button.



Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Emma Grainger is sitting with her friend Sue Caulfield aka Cat Woman in the beer garden of The St John’s Hotel near Beverley Road in Hull. She has a heavy long coat on. She say’s she’s nervous I look across at Sue, she gives Emma a cuddle and says you’ll be fine. We go into the public bar. It’s 6-00 pm the bar is empty. Emma takes her coat off, gets into character and we make this image.