Naomi Bedworth, Kirstie Gutherless, Carla Navarro, Janet Pound, Shirley McWatt, Pam McArdle, Bryony Booth, Lynne Kirby, Ruth Austin and Louise Harman got in touch with me about recreating a scene from Fame. They are all in an adult musical theatre class at NAPA and it was a pleasure to grab this image late on a 12 shoot saturday.


See all the Hullywood Icons here

See all the Hullywood Icons here:

Jurassic Park

Kerry Davies got in touch about his son  Joshua Davies recreating a scene from Jurassic Park at Dinostar in Hull. Situated near the C4DI building at the bottom end of Humber Street Dinostar is home to all things Jurassic in Hull. We cased the joint looking for a suitable point to stage the image. The Velociraptors never disappoint visually so we went for this image. Hats off to Joshua he’s only 14 but he’s pulled of a corker! Many thanks to Kerry for bringing the cakes and setting up the location for the shoot. You may recall Kerry was the star of The Westworld  shoot.



The 300

It’s first thing saturday morning, I’ve already photographed Thelma and Louise on Fraisthorpe Beach and I’m stood next to Beverley Gate in Hull town center. I’m waiting for John Gilbert and Iain Thompson suddenly they both appear I know it’s them because John is wearing a Gladiator costume it’s freezing but he’s in high spirits. Some of the city centre building contractors crack jokes about it being a great party last night.
We scrub the original plan of making the image at Beverley Gate and head over to the Quayside near Prince’s Quay where we make this image celebrating one of John and Iain’s favourite films The 300.

Hats off to Nancy and Kevin Young

Kevin and Nancy Young are amazing Hull characters and really nice people. They talk about their  Hullywood experience  in this lovely piece from the Holderness Gazette a paper published east of Hull in the incredible area known as Holderness. Where at certain times you can see huge North Sea Ferries traversing wheatfields.