This is England

When Phil Edwards collared me about doing a This is England shoot I couldn’t believe my luck. He arranged for 35 participants to take part in this spectacular recreation of a couple of moments from the film. I got to ride on the back of a scooter and the atmosphere was fantastic. The Hull Daily Mail beat me to the shoot and ran a story the same day which was fun.20170204-l67a1678

Phil Edwards; Paul Garmston; James Mountford; Joe Gorman and Jack Rimmington


Phil Edwards; Alix Edwards; Paul Garmston; James Mountford; Joe Gorman; Jack Rimmington; Sam Rimmington; Ian Rimmington; Mel Brownrigg; Murray Wattam; Josh Rogerson and Fred Gall.


Full cast List:Phil Edwards; Alix Edwards; Paul Garmston; James Mountford; Joe Gorman; Jack Rimmington; Sam Rimmington; Ian Rimmington; Mel Brownrigg; Murray Wattam; Josh Rogerson; Shaggy Bilton; Fred Gall; Mike Craig; Bob Boulton; Neil Covell; Lee Hobson; Michelle Potter; Mike Potter; Richard Took; Carol Smith; Colin Rowe; Martin Gibbs; Pete Jones; Mark Attwood; David Smith; Glen Gibson; Andrew D Mullett; Richard Took; Dave Johnson; Russell Barber; Kevin Holder; Tony Mainprize; Lee Brennan and Les Pollard.


Beauty and the Beast

Hayley Thorpe contacted me about recreating a scene from Beauty and the Beast at the Brynmor Jones Library at Hull University. We made this image on the top floor. Belle has been Hayley’s hero since she was a child. The combination of book reading and singing was irresistible to her younger self. As a mother she dreams of being able to sit down and read all day uninterrupted.


The Sound of Music

Sam Hawcroft contacted me about recreating a scene from The Sound of Music. We met at Pearson Park me with a step ladder and Sam in her Sound of Music outfit. Sam’s Nan is from Austria and by a weird quirk of fate Sam is editor of H & E magazine (it’s a long story) so we had plenty to talk about on the way up to location. I got up the ladder to get the angle right and Sam channelled her inner Maria and we made this image.

Jurassic Park

Kerry Davies got in touch about his son  Joshua Davies recreating a scene from Jurassic Park at Dinostar in Hull. Situated near the C4DI building at the bottom end of Humber Street Dinostar is home to all things Jurassic in Hull. We cased the joint looking for a suitable point to stage the image. The Velociraptors never disappoint visually so we went for this image. Hats off to Joshua he’s only 14 but he’s pulled of a corker! Many thanks to Kerry for bringing the cakes and setting up the location for the shoot. You may recall Kerry was the star of The Westworld  shoot.



The Bodyguard

Tare Kagbala contacted me about recreating a Whitney Houston scene from The Bodyguard. She was lat for the first shoot and missed it. So we met up at the end of the day and got permission from the Mercure Hull Royal Hotel to use one of their function rooms where we quickly make this shot. Tare is a mother of 3 and her day job is working as Martin Green’s PA one busy lady.

Run Fatboy Run

Lucas Meagor is about to run his fiftieth marathon. He got in touch with me to recreate a scene from Run Fatboy Run the subtext of the image is hilarious given the idea of hitting the wall in the marathon event.


The Terminator

Laura Gale approached me about recreating a scene from The Terminator. we met at Pearson Park on saturday morning and made this image. Sarah Connor is one tough cookie and so the geese knew that we’d be taking no prisoners. Please note no park benches were harmed in the creation of this image.


Lady Sings the Blues

Ruth Toynton posted on facebook that she had been let down and needed a photographer. I was in town and offered to help out. Ruth is a singer and that is how we met. After a bit of gentle arm twisting Ruth agreed to do a Lady Sings the Blues shoot here’s the image. Interestingly when Ruth sings she makes beautiful photographs as well as music.