I hope you don’t mind…

Great to have Baz – Barry Weldon onboard with the Hullywood Icons helping me with some of the trickier photoshop compositing images. There are only so many hours in my day the day and his skills are ace so it’s a natural fit!
This is how it happened. Baz – Barry Weldon contacted me with the following email:
Hi Quentin
how does it all work, I mean say i wanted to recreate this scene from con-air with john malkovich.. i’ve got a brown shirt, and a white tshirt, um.. no gun, no rabbit.. does it have to be a hull iconic background? as i’m struggling to think where it could be set, somewhere i don’t need to get permission.. ? I was thinking saturday shoot..? (We’re working on this)
I hope you don’t mind but i touched up the other trainspotting pic as it was niggling at me, hope u don’t mind.. i’m a bit OCD like that.. just had to delete the legs and shrink the body down a little to make it look like the figure is coming out of the toilet..
I’m not precious, I thought that was a very kind offer and took him up on it. I’m a bugger for a bit of retouching and an outside eye on the work. Look out for appropriate credits on photoshopped images with additional input by Barry Weldon on the blog posts.

Here is Barry’s re working of the Sarah Jayne Curry Trainspotting image. With his suggestions included and my request for extra water in the spit.
Here is mine which I published a few weeks earlier.

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