The Third Man

Rick Gilroy approached me to recreate a scene from ‘The Third Man’ he’s pictured here as the character Holly Martins an American pulp fiction writer.


Rick talks about the shoot in his own words here:

As a film buff, this Hullywood project was something I really wanted to be part of, I’m also Hull born and bred and if you asked some of my family and friends what film I would recreate they would answer “probably some science fiction film”, so it will be a surprise for them to find out I’m actually going to recreate classic scenes from the Film Noir genre.

I really like the monochrome look of those films with spies, detectives, criminals and beautiful femme fatales, using silhouettes and shadows to create a certain look.Working with Quentin has been very collaborative as he suggested that we use Hull fair as a backdrop to recreate the classic big wheel scene from The Third Man starring Orson Wells and Joseph Cotton. This British Noir film was directed by Carol Reed who went on to produce the musical Oliver. I’m really proud of Hull and I think this is a great way to promote the positive side of the city.

Rick Gilroy.


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