Iconic movie moments to be recreated in Hull for City Of Culture 2017

Here from today’s Hull Daily mail news of The Hullywood Icons project -big thanks to Ian Midgley for writing such a fantastic piece.

Iconic movie moments to be recreated in Hull for City Of Culture 2017

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: September 29, 2016


image: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276270/Article/images/29760230/15584369-large.jpg

WELCOME TO HULLYWOOD: Could these classic movie moments be recreated in Hull?

Did you ever fancy starring in your own iconic movie moment?

Whether you dreamed of being Rhett Butler telling Scarlet O’Hara “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, Robert De Niro peering into a mirror, asking: “You talkin’ to me?” or uttering Dirty Harry’s immortal line “Do ya feel lucky, punk?” now could be your moment to shine.

As part of a major new project for Hull 2017, called Hullywood Icons, photographer Quentin Budworth is asking for Hull people to nominate their favourite movie moments.

And if you are feeling lucky, punk, you may be one of the 30 to 40 people chosen to recreate those moments in a series of photographs that will be projected onto the sides of Old Town buildings during the City Of Culture opening week.

Photographer Quentin Budworth

Mr Budworth said the fun project would give ordinary Hull folk the chance to pretend to be Hollywood superstars while recreating their favourite silver screen images here in the city.

He said: “I’m a big film fan myself and for 2017 I wanted to do something unique in Hull that no one else was doing.

“The idea is to ask people to submit their favourite movie moments and we will then go about recreating the best of them in our own, distinctly Hull, way.

“I’m completely open to suggestions, it can be any film or any genre, it just has to be a recognisable iconic image from movie history. We’ll use as much photographic trickery as we need, we’ll build sets, use green screen and whatever we need.

“The end results will be projected from the top of a Land Rover onto the sides of buildings in the Old Town during the first week of 2017.

How the images could look when projected

“It’s basically a grand opportunity for the people of Hull to have a go at role playing and dressing up. We should have a lot of fun.”

The project has been co-funded by the Arts Council England and Hull City of Culture 2017.

Mr Budworth, who has already run successful photography projects in the city such as The Changing Face Of Hull, says he is not looking for people with movie star looks to take part.

He said: “No! Hollywood has an unreal expectations of perfection, but in the real world we know people aren’t so perfect.

Could Mary Poppins fly above Hull?“This is Hullywood not Hollywood. I’m definitely interested in casting against type. I’d love to find a fat Rocky Balboa – or to get two pensioners recreating ‘the lift’ from Dirty Dancing. We can use Photoshop to achieve that.

“I’d also quite like to recreate Easy Rider on two mobility scooters – and King Kong on the Humber Bridge. Or Mary Poppins flying above the rooftops of Hull or Harold Lloyd hanging off the Guildhall clock.

“I want people of all ages, from youngsters to older people, to get in touch with their ideas now so we can get started.”

The photographs for the project will be taken during October and November to be ready in time for 2017, so there is no time to delay getting in touch with your movie pitch.

Submit your Hullywood Icon ideas quentinbudworth@yahoo.com

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