Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Emma Grainger is sitting with her friend Sue Caulfield aka Cat Woman in the beer garden of The St John’s Hotel near Beverley Road in Hull. She has a heavy long coat on. She say’s she’s nervous I look across at Sue, she gives Emma a cuddle and says you’ll be fine. We go into the public bar. It’s 6-00 pm the bar is empty. Emma takes her coat off, gets into character and we make this image.

Cat Woman

I’m wandering around the C4DI building on the last day of the Made in Hull event with Darth Maul and Cat Woman, it’s dark and there are thousands of people watching the projections at the Deep (Arrivals and Departures) and in the C4DI building Car Park (Hullywood Icons).

We find a quiet spot and start to play Sue Caulfield is hilarious, probably one of the earthiest people I know. She is an artist and maker from Hull and has dressed up in fine style for the shoot, her shiny black PVC outfit and horse whip make her look  more like a dominatrix than Cat Woman as she takes position. We put the horsewhip to one side and take this picture.

The Karate Kid

When my nephew James Lowe rang me up and said hey uncle Quentin I want to make one of those Hullywood pictures it made me smile. He was brought up in Hull and he is always good for a laugh. He teaches in China now. It was his last day in the UK before returning to work. We had to move quick we arranged a time to meet on a bitterly cold wet day during the Made in Hull event. The light had gone already and I was worried we wouldn’t get the shot. On the jetty near the Minerva Pub.
James stripped off we dried the top of the condensation covered bin and made this image.


I’ve shot a few family members for the Hullywood Icons series they are Amanda Lowe my  ex wife and good friend as Mary Poppins,  Amelia Budworth daughter number 1 as The Girl with a Pearl Earring , Zebedee Budworth as The Big Lebowski and Sarah Winn as Rocky.

Hullywood Icons to be projected at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church