Master and Commander

I’ve known Kevin Reynolds for many years he’s a good friend. I played at his wedding with my band Celtarabia and we both share a love of motorbikes and fine ale. Kevin is an engineer he designs breweries and canning machines for Micro Brewers and Purveyors of Craft Ales you can read about his brewing related activities here.

When Kevin got in touch about recreating a scene from Master and Commander I knew I just had to revisit HMS Pickle on Hull Marina so I gave her owner my good friend Mal a ring and arranged a time for us to do the shoot. I know you are wondering and yes you can go out sailing on the Pickle and visit and explore it on the Hull Marina. Mal rescued the Pickle from decay in Gibraltar and restored her in Portugal it took him over two years.

Kevin brought his son Alex along and we made this image. Father and son – Master and Commander.


Pirates of the Caribbean

When Kevin Young asked if he could play Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally) from Pirates of the Caribbean and that we could use the amazing HMS Pickle for the shoot I knew I had to find a Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). I put a call out on Facebook and thankfully Gareth Hughes who lives on a boat said he would love to do it. Many thanks to Malcolm owner of HMS Pickle for his incredible hospitality and support during the shoot.