The Labyrinth take 2

Joanne Popplewell works at the  research department at Hull University and she has a secret lifelong obsession. Since she was a young child she has been fascinated by the film The Labyrinth and the character of Sarah. Her family watch the film pretty much every week and are still in mourning after David Bowie’s  death last year. You may recall Lex Stephenson recreated the Goblin King in our earlier Labyrinth shoot which you can see here.

When Joanne got in touch with me to recreate an image from the Labyrinth I really couldn’t say no. In the shadow of the Hull’s latest installation the Blade we set about recreating the scene. We had some helpful tips from the local drunks who seem to like Queen Victoria’s stern faced companionship. Sarah got in position at the base of the Queen Victoria statue and we created this shot, she told me that recreating the scene  was a personal dream come true after almost thirty years. We shared a Danish and parted company leaving some rather confused drunks and a stern faced Victoria.


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